RASE design parameters for: wuder

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Exon information

Note: If you need help in identifying proper UCS, AIR and DCS sequences, click here.

* UCS:
Paste the exact sequence of the UCS.
* AIR:
Paste the exact sequence of the AIR.
* DCS:
Paste the exact sequence of the DCS.
Amplicon information
* Minimal length:
* Maximal length:
* Optimal length:
Design information
* Number of designs:
* Single exon filter:
This parameters tells script not to consider shed transcript from the aceview annotation.
Please note that a typical run takes around 1 minute to complete.

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The UCS is defined as the upstream constitutive sequence, the AIR as the alternatively included region and the DCS is defined as the downstream constitutive region. To identify the UCS and DCS sequence, you extract the sequence common to both splice forms upstream and downstream from the AIR sequence respectively. Following are schematic scenarios to help you identify these sequences.

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